Fat animals of the world unite

This week’s fatty:

Every week we present the fat animal that most of our visitors would like to see as “This week´s fatty”.

Do you like words? Do you like difficult words? If so, download the Iphone App iVerbal and challange the user “Hasse”.

Fat animals are really funny but we also need to be serious, there are not many fat tigers left. Please visit www.wwf.org.uk and help our not so fat friends.

If you have any request on merchandise please let fat-animals.com know.

This is the site for all of you who encountered fat animals and just don´t know what to do next. Perhaps you are a fisherman who caught a gigantic fish? On your South African Safari you took photos of a fat lion and just didn´t know what to do with the pictures? Maybe you were diving in the pacific ocean and really saw a GREAT white shark? Perhaps you feed your pet to much and wrong type of food? Please send in your photos info@fat-animals.com

Don´t be afraid to explore our page to find your own favorite fat animal!

Now you have the opportunity to buy your own fat-animals.com merchandise. Fat-Animals.com Store.

Now we have started a Facebook group “Fat Animals of the world unite”…..Join and spread the word!

@Dr_Disko is now on Twitter

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