Fat animals of the world unite

Fat cats

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Let me go you attention seeker…

A tired black cat.

Release the cat…

A big cat with attitude

Dosen´t mather if your black our white!

Pink lady with her cat

I love fried food…
Let me down you fool…
The world is round….
chubby cat
That collar looks kind of tight…
cat fat
The fat cat…
Duckhunt for the fat cat
Duckhunt for the fat cat…
Larger than life
Larger than life…

The masculine cat
I´m so happy
I´m so happy…
Taste my fist Mr paparazzi
Taste my fist Mr paparazzi…
Release me dude
Release me dude…
Measure me bitch
Measure me bitch…
Awkward? This is Britney´s cat…
Stop taking pictures of me
Stop taking pictures of me…
A cat from the days
A cat from the days
furry fatso
Stop smiling your wretched woman…

Heavy burden…
Evil cat?
Pure evil….
What´s happening?
What´s happening?
The strongest man in Austria?

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16 Replies

  1. crystal Jun 9th 2009

    omg i waht a fat cat they are sooooooooooooooooo coooll im like in love jk lol haha

  2. cool and a little funny….:)

  3. aaaahhhh theyre so cute!!!

  4. you should feel bad for the fat cats you sons of a bitches

  5. At Fat-animals.com we feel bad for the owners, It´s their fault. Horrible people who let their cats become as fat as themselves.

  6. OMG

  7. rafael May 27th 2010

    i wish i were a fat cat so i could see the sky always…they are so cute…they remind my friend luis lira i want to be just like them : ))

  8. non your biz Nov 23rd 2010

    wow thoes are some really fat catz. i hope they dont come and eat me durring te night! itz possible…….

  9. very beautiful n funny cats,, i like see the cats,

  10. ThisIsMyName Dec 2nd 2010


  11. AmberHeart Jan 14th 2011

    i love this website, telling all my friends SO FUNNY!

  12. hehehe

  13. i love fat cats Dec 24th 2011

    I love this website!!!!!!

  14. Good lord that’s adorable.

  15. Soft kitty warm kitty May 2nd 2012

    soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur, happy kitty sleepy kittty

    PUR PUR PUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. lol thst nice and fake

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