Fat animals of the world unite

Large dogs

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The greatest dog in the world?

Two dogs…Two fat dogs.

Why? Why are you lifting that dog?

Fat dog for sale?

A new car perhaps…?
That´s the way to use a walking frame
Guarddog nr 1
Guarddog nr 1…
I love all food
Friendly dog?
He is a very talanted basketball player
He is a very talanted basketball player…
Keeps the bad guys out?
Guarddog nr 2?
I did good
“I did good”
Girl favorite
Tired pet…
A pet!
I´m so proud
I´m so proud, this is my best dog…
Long and fat
Long and fat pet..
The dog is bigger then a Toyota yaris…

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20 Replies

  1. crystal Jun 9th 2009

    omg i love this websit im telling all m,y friends about it like lol


  2. ashlee Dec 18th 2009

    i love this website it is cool to see these animals

  3. HOLY CRAP ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i love this website too but im cool and will keep it to myself

  5. i like this website too but im cool and will keep it to myself

  6. i like this place its so COOL

  7. triston Apr 26th 2010

    i love this s h i t!!!!!

  8. peacegal May 19th 2010

    That Sad!!!!!! :(

  9. Delzie May 24th 2010


  10. Jasmine Jul 16th 2010

    this is cool! wow! holy crap!!!!!!!!!! this website is cool! lol

  11. I need to know, Is the last one real?

  12. Probably not…It really dosen’t matter. This is a humoristic website about the strangeness of having a fat pet. Why do they feed their animals this much? It’s not normal…



  14. admin Mar 1st 2011

    The point is that people should react. We behind fat-animals.com agree with everything you say. We want people to see that it´s a sick world wich we are living in – Even our pets is fat!

    We love animals at fat-animals.com but we hate their owners for letting them get so fat.

    Take Care!


  15. lizziej57 Mar 3rd 2011

    i feel so sorry for these animals there so fat but its really funny:)

  16. Marlena Jun 21st 2011

    hahhahaa the last pic is my fav i laughed for lik 5 minuts

  17. extreme muffin Nov 7th 2011

    lol im laughing my head of lolllllllllllllllllllllllll

  18. hey its hallie just got a new puppy! soooo cute!!!!!

  19. fat animals are fat

  20. Dang those are some huge dogs i need one so i can get this stupid kitten away from my house lol

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